3 Tuscany Beaches That You Must Visit

Article written by Travel Trade Magazine

Tuscany is known for its medieval towns, biblical landscapes and Renaissance cities. But there’s more than meets the eye.

The beautiful and varying coastline that it boasts of is also worth looking at. In fact, it stretches for hundreds of miles along the Tyrrhenian Sea.

There’s only one way to describe these beaches: a classic Mediterranean experience. Here are 3 Tuscany beaches that you must visit:

tokyotraelguide1: Forte Dei Marmi

At the bottom of the Apuan Alps lies this beach which is considered to be the most popular one in Tuscany. With its villas immersed in palm and pines, a large number of its visitors are too busy looking at each other. Drinking expensive wine and shopping at ultra boutiques are also popular activities. If you’re looking for the pampered Mediterranean experience, then this is a beach to visit.

2: Principina a Mare

This beach is isolated and hidden but is only known to the locals of Tuscany. Nature-rimmed beaches along with pine forests are prominent features but the conveniences that are necessary for travelers are just as available. Beach chairs, umbrellas, dressing rooms and excellent eateries too. You can go riding horseback, kayak or even rent a bicycle for a number of activities that are on offer.

3: Cala di Forno

The Parco Uccellina area is a nature preserve that goes on for almost twenty miles of Tuscan coast. At its dead center is a sandy bay known as Cala di Forno. It is surrounded by a chain of hills that has fields, pastures and olive groves. Since it is isolated, you will have to bring your own food and wine.