3 Ways Air Travelers Waste Their Money

U.S passenger airlines have made $5.5 billion in net income while U.S airports have made about $18.2 billion in total operating revenue.

Of course, no one is against the air travel industry turning in a nifty profit but they have to earn just like everyone else.

Here are 3 ways air travelers waste their money:

1: Bad timing

This could happen if you either booked your flight at the wrong time or you traveled at the wrong time of day or day of the week. It’s vital that you find out which times are best for flying and booking. According to Hopper.com, it’s best to avoid buying tickets at the end of the week. Also, it’s best to fly on Wednesday and most expensive to travel on Sunday. Tuesday is the best day to take a return flight. You could save an average of $85 and $120 on domestic and international flights respectively. One must not forget the amount that is saved if you book the tickets ahead.


2: Excess baggage

About $3.5 billion in fees was collected in the United States alone last year. About $15-45 is charged for the first and each additional bag. You can easily avoid this by packing most if all your stuff in a carry-on. But be careful how much you pack too. This is for the simple reason that overweight bags cost about $100 more. This goes for the size limit as well.

3: Buying stuff at the airports

Of course, this isn’t as expensive as it used to be earlier but airports are allowed to “mark up” their prices by 5 to 10 percent. This means that you could have saved that amount if you bought outside the airport. Of course, this isn’t as costly with small items like water and food but will definitely cost much more when it comes to electronic gear and even clothes.