Places to go with your kids in Tokyo

Tokyo is a wonderful city to go on family trips, especially with your kids. It offers a large array of attractions and kid-friendly destinations. Below is a list of where you can consider going with your family.

Ueno zoo
You cannot visit Tokyo without with your kids without taking them to see pandas. The Ueno zoo is a spacious and relaxing place where you can look at elephants and tigers as well. It is located at a 10 minute walk from the Ueno subways and JR station.

Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
The explanation are given in an excellent English and a typical visit to this museum would last from 3 to 4 hours. The exhibits would be interesting for adults too. Kids would be able to meet Asimo, the walking robot. The museum is located near the Fune-no-Kagakukan station.

Science museum in Kitanomaru
This science museum is located in Kitanomaru Park, it is one of the three science museums of Tokyo. The well-designed exhibits will be pleasing to children. You can also pick shows depending on your kids’ interests.

Tokyo Disneyland
One cannot talk about a family trip with kids without making a stop at Disneyland. Tokyo’s disneyland is open all year-round and very often full of visitors on weekends. It would be better to go through the week instead. You can also try the sister park Tokyo DisneySea which is unique to Tokyo and offers several rides and thrills.