Three Amazing Destinations off the Beaten Path

Article written by HotelTravellersReviews

Visiting Las Vegas or Disney World might be a travel destination that only requires plane tickets and a credit card but there are others that require much more. Simply put, some destinations are for adventurers and veteran travelers and not for the faint of heart, if you will. That said, here are 3 amazing destinations that will take you off the beaten path:

#3: Angel Falls, Venezuela
Located in the Venezuelan Rainforest and miles away from civilization, the Angel Falls stands at a height of 1000 metres making it the tallest waterfall in the world.

In order to get here, you have to take two flidownloadghts from Caracas and Ciudad Bolivar to the Canaima National Park Airfield. After this, the journey involves canoeing up the river for a day, camping in the rainforest and then a hike through the jungle.

#2: Bonin Islands, Japan
The Bonin Islands are remote from the smart travel network that the entire country of Japan has set up for its inhabitants. In fact, there are no flights to these islands save a twice-weekly ferry from Tokyo and which takes about 25 hours one way.

However, once you are there, camping, white-sand beaches, spearfishing and scuba diving are activities you can truly savor.

#1: Kamchatka, Russia
This location, which is home to more than 300 volcanoes, gives the traveler such a stunning view that it has been designated a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Travel at this loction is restricted to 6 wheel drive vehicles and choppers. However, there’s plenty on offer if you are a salmon-fishing, wildlife or volcano buff.