Tips for Travelling Around the United Arab Emirates

Written by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

You know the old adage, “When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do?” The same applies for the glamorous metropolis of Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Despite its flashy high rises and enormous shopping centers, this side of the world is ultra conservative. Heavy fines and penalties apply for anybody who breaks the law, so you are best if you play it safe and blend in with the local population. Here are tips for traveling around the United Arab Emirates.

montecar3   Dress modestly

Opt for any conservative attire, over any revealing clothing. Women can put on bathing suits and bikinis while on the beach, but not in public. And men, always keep your shirts on.

  1. Use proper money exchanges

Never exchange your money on the streets for the local currency. You only risk being short changed and you could end up in a bad situation. The best place for exchanging your money is a hotel, an ATM, a bank and local shopping centers.

  1. Avoid displays of affection in the public

It is considered offensive and against the law in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Electricity adapters

Three pinned plugs are the standard in the UAE. But it is important that you buy an adapter in case there is a problem.

  1. Avoid drugs and check all your prescriptions

Consumption and trafficking of illegal drugs is prohibited. If you get caught with prohibited drugs,you are likely to spend years if not decades behind bars.

  1. Avoid alcohol consumption in the public

Although alcohol is not prohibited in the UAE,it can only be bought at few duty free stores. You are not allowed to buy alcohol from a local bottle shop. You can buy drinks in bars and restaurants, but public drinking is not allowed as well as drinking and driving.

  1. Think before you click

Avoid taking photos of airports, government buildings, military installations and docks. In addition to that never ever take a picture of a Muslim lady without permission.

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