Top street food restaurants to try in Tokyo

Eating in Tokyo is an experience on its own. The meals are beautifully presented and you can feel the care taken into putting flavors and freshness in the meals. Street food can be amazing in Tokyo with local dishes such as Yakitori, Taiyaki and Takoyaki, without forgetting the famous Ramen. Below is a list of restaurant you might want to try out for street food in Tokyo.

Chuka Soba Inoue
If you feel like eating a classic bowl of hot shoyu ramen with pork slices, some leak and vegetables sprouts as garnish, Chuka Soba Inoue is the place to try. It is located in the Tsukiji fish market and offers a wonderful atmosphere of a busy Japanese sidewalk.

Memory Lane
Memory Lane which is also known as Piss Alley houses several small bars and yakitori stalls. You will get the opportunity to try yakitori sets that include several choices of meat such as chicken and pork grilled on skewers.

Yakitori Ton Ton
Yakitori Ton Ton is a tiny stall located under the railroad track near Yurakucho. The place is sheltered by a tent. This restaurant specializes in Yakiton, which are grilled pork skewers. Those skewers are made up of various juicy pork parts. You will also get fresh beer on tap there.

There are various other places to try street food in Tokyo. The key is to keep an open-mind to discover the great flavors that street food Japan has to offer!