3 Greenest American Cities

Article written by AnytimeTravel

Using bins for recycling is just the beginning to keep your city clean and green. There are many other initiatives too. Some of these include recycled fashion, solar-powered hotels and bike-powered beer bars too.

Some American cities incorporate these initiatives. So, here are 3 of America’s greenest cities:

tokyotravelguide3: Charleston, South Carolina

In third place, this city sticks to certain old-fashioned practices that are eco-friendly too. The daily harbor sails on Schooner Pride’s uses only wind energy. Also, the high-end antique stores encourage the reuse of items too. The local restaurants use local ingredients in their food. The Park Cafe is one such example. Walkability is high too. An antebellum mansion tour from Charleston Strolls .

2: Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota

One thing that stands out is the ability to get around the city without the need for a car. This is because of the Nice Ride bike share program that has 170 stations. You can pedal around for as little as $6 for 24 hours. Especially if you want to visit Grand Rounds National Scenic byway. Also, the Indoor Mall of America is also green. It uses skylights powered by solar energy to keep the place warm. The LEED-certified Target Field collects three million gallons of rainwater and snowmelt. And let’s not forget the local deli Kramarczuk’s sandwiches.

1: Portland, Oregon

With its popular rose garden, Portland wins the Green trophy this year. Its mass transit system and sustainable eating has also gained attention too. Whether it’s the vegetarian food truck Juniper downtown. The microbrews also have 75 bicycle spots. Exercycles that produce electricity are also present. You can buy used or local clothing at the Rock & Rose.