4 tips to conquer Tokyo Disney

If you’re a fan of disney world, Tokyo disney is a must see. Follow the tips below to survive your park visit and maximize your stay.


  1. Plan – Make sure you download the disney map ahead of time and mark out the attractions you would like to see. Take note of the nearest stores and rest rooms. When planning your visit, allot at least 45 min – 2 hours for popular attractions. If your looking to catch a parade, slot in sufficient time to reach the event.
  2. Get there early – To enter the park, guest queue in at least 1 hour ahead of the park gates opening. Make sure you get to the park early and buy your tickets online before hand. This will save you at least 1 hour.
  3. Food and Drink – If you’re visiting the park in summer, make sure you’re properly hydrated. Bring bottles of water and juice in your backpack. If you have space include some sandwiches, crisps and chocolate bars. That way if you’re stuck in a queue and get peckish you can grab something and still hold your spot in the queue.
  4. Fast pass tickets- fast pass machines are located near most attractions. All you need to do is insert your park ticket into the machine and you will receive you’re fastpass ticket for that attraction. Note the time on the ticket and keep the ticket safe. You can visit another attraction until the time allocated on the ticket. When you’re close to the time on the ticket, visit your attraction but you will need to stand at the fastpass queue. This queue is much shorter.