Four Amazing Sports Arenas around the World

Posted By Phineas Upham

The arenas that house some of sports greatest rivalries can be as important as the action itself. You’ll need to travel outside of New York’s new Yankee Stadium, or San Francisco’s AT&T Park for the truly spectacular sporting arenas. Today we’ll take you to Japan, Taiwan, Germany and more in a quest to find the best sports arenas in the world.

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

This arena, situated in Tokyo, has been the site of some impressive sports spectaculars. It was built to house the swimming and diving events during the 1964 Olympics. The arena went on to hold two NHL openers in the 90s, and J-Pop star Ayumi Hamasaki holds the countdown to New Years at the arena each year since 2000.

Kaohsiung National Stadium

This stadium definitely wins the “most intricate” design award for its unique architecture and usage of solar power. Completed in 2009, this stadium is designed to look like a spiral-shaped dragon. It is also the first stadium in history to generate almost all of its power using solar energy.

Court Phillipe Chatrier

This stadium is part of the larger stadium of Roland Garros. The court was built in 1928, and seats 14,000+ people. It’s primarily used for tennis, and is partially responsible for bringing tennis back to the Summer Olympics.

Allianz Arena

Centered in Munich, Allians Arena is the world’s first stadium with an exterior that can completely change color. The outside is lined with ethylene tetrafluoroethylene panels, which light up on command. FC Bayern sold out its first ten home games in the Allianz Arena.

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