Should You Purchase Insurance for Car Rentals in Abu Dhabi

Rental insurance has its pros and cons. Here is why.

car-rental-agreementIf you’re looking at car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or the UAE, you’ll most likely be offered a chance to purchase insurance through the car rental company of your choice. Now, there have been debates on whether one should purchase this insurance or just pass on it. Here are some pros and cons that will help you weigh your decision.

The Pros

Purchasing insurance will ensure that you are covered if you are involved in an untimely accident during your vacation. It’s a great security blanket to have if you do not feel comfortable on the roads of Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, depending on the insurance that purchase, you may not be liable for the accident that has occurred.

The Cons

Some insurance policies that car rentals in Abu Dhabi offer do not cover anything more than a minor accident. If you reach a level of damage that’s more than what the insurance will pay for, you will have to reach into your pocket to pay fees and the excess cost. Now, it’s always best to be safe than sorry, but the fact that insurance costs are relatively high, you could end up wasting your money.

The Bottom Line

No matter what people say online, the choice is ultimately yours. If the costs are reasonable, you may want to consider purchasing the insurance for safety’s sake. Or, if you prefer to bypass the insurance and save some money, you could end up putting it towards something else on you vacation.

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