Travel – Safety Tips

tokyotravelersguideWhen you’re on vacation the last thing you need is to worry about your safety. To stay safe when travelling, it is best to take a few precautions to protect yourself against common risks, like theft. Read the following useful tips;

Before you book your stay it is best to consider the security situation in the country you wish to travel to, for example, is terrorism a threat or is the country noted for crimes.

When selecting a hotel, consider where the hotel is located. (Is the neighbourhood an upscale residential area/ a busy business district/ a commercial area) When looking for neighborhood information look online or in a guide book.

Once you’ve selected a hotel, call the hotel and check on their security measures. Do they provide a 24 hour front desk. Does the hotel have security on its premises. You could also ask if guests are given a key card or a key. Some hotels use your room key card to access lifts. This means that guests at the hotel will be the only ones accessing the floors.

If you are a woman and travelling alone, it is best to look at women-only accommodation.

Always carry a charged cell phone with you. Enter key phone numbers into your phone like your hotel’s front desk, your nearest home embassy and numbers of friends and family from your visiting country.

Keep 2 copies of your passport and your credit/ATM cards. Keep copies with a family member at your home country and the other copy should be with you. It is best to keep these in a secure safe at your hotel room. Always leave a copy of your address and your travel plans with a friend or family member, in the case of a natural disaster.