Travelling to Japan

Visiting Japan can be one of the most enriching, fun, and memorable experiences for any traveler. Compared to a host of other countries, including its east Asian neighbors, it’s difficult to find a society that has made such drastic advances in technology and innovation while still maintaining rich and vibrant traditions. Here are a few things to look out for and expect when traveling to Japan.

From Japan’s highly efficient public transportation to its quirky vending machines and button entrenched toilet seats, there are a number of innovative anomalies to make tourists wonder why their own countries haven’t followed Japan’s technological advances. Automatic taxi doors, foot-bath train services, and machine operated parking spaces round out some of the most common conveniences travelers will come across in Japan.

Along side these advances in innovation, Japan is home to regions of green mountains, quiet temples, and age-old shrines. Visiting cities like Kyoto, a city that hosts thousands of shrines and temples, will quiet the mind and dazzle the eyes with its natural scenery and delicate remnants of Japan’s long history. Sights like Mount Fuji and the natural hot springs provide more than enough natural getaways to escape the city bustle of Tokyo or Osaka.

Boasting a large range of delicious foods, quirky and often strange trends, and a friendly and welcoming society, Japan is one of the world’s top travel destinations and will continue be so for some time.

Blog written by Dev Randhawa. Dev Randhawa is a travel blogger based out of the US with a passion for telling stories about his travels.