Are Rental Cars Cheaper Than Taxis?

Summary: Calculating the total costs of a car rental can help you make a clear decision on whether it’s right for you.


Renting a car has its pros and cons. Some people prefer the freedom of being able to travel wherever they want at their convenience. Others find it a nuisance to have to drive on vacation. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to recognize the costs of renting a car.


The Initial Costs


Before you sign up with the first rental company that you see advertised, make sure you shop around and compare prices. Remember, not all companies will offer the same price for your preferred vehicle. Even if you save $10 to $15, it could be money spent towards your vacation instead.




Most car rental companies will want you to return the car with at least three-quarters of the tank filled. And, if you’re in a foreign country, prices could be higher than what you’d expect where you live. Keep this in mind when traveling from one place to another. Another option would be to pay extra for a hybrid vehicle, which consumes way less gas than your standard economy car.


Optional Insurance


Rental insurance is optional and completely up to you. If you feel like you could use the added protection, prices can range from a flat fee to a daily rate. Be sure that you perform the calculations in your head beforehand so you understand the entire amount that you’ll be paying. On a side note, if you do get into an accident or something does occur to the car, your current insurance may cover the rental – be sure to follow up with your insurance provider to make sure as some companies will strictly cover your vehicle.


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