Best Foods to Try in Japan

Article written by Cheap Hotels


Japan offers wonderful natural landscapes along with having a robust cultural identity. It is also home to a delicious and diverse cuisine. Its food is known to be very nutritious and to be made from fresh and seasonal products.


Sushi is widely known and appreciated even in Western countries. This dish is made out of raw fish filets served on steamed rice. This is often rolled with other ingredients and eaten with soya sauce and wazabi. Seafoods such as shrimp and sea urchin are also added to sushi.


The ramen consists of egg noodles served in a broth often made out of chicken or pork. The choice of broth is diverse and the four main ones are the soy sauce, miso, salt or pork bone soup.


For people seeking to have a taste of japanese barbecue, the unagi is the dish to try out. It consists of the Japanese river eel cooked over a grill and lathered with barbecue sauce. As per a Japanese myth, the unagi is the ideal food to have during the blazing heat of summer. The ideal season for the unagi is between May to October.


The tempura is another Japanese specialty that has crossed borders and become quite widespread in other western countries. This dish consists of deep fried ingredients coated in a batter. The tempura can be vegetarian, consisting of vegetables. These can be made with seafood and meat. The tempura is normally fried in sesame oil and eaten accompanied with soya sauce.