Reasons for visiting the San Juan Islands during fall

San Juan Islands are lovely in the summer, but the reason it is recommended to visit them in fall is that it is one of the best times to sample the local bounty of these picturesque islands and enjoy the both the land and sea.

Farm tours

You can take a tour of local farms and learn about how the food is locally produced. San Juan Island, Orcas Island and Lopez Island, each have their own tours, which give visitors a chance to explore.

Biking is a wonderful way to enjoy the natural beauty and breathtaking scenery of the San Juan Islands. After the bike ride, you can enjoy delicious food from a number of incredible restaurants sprinkled around the three islands.

The Orcas Island Film Festival and the Friday Harbor Film Festival provide choice entertainment, where they feature thirty different feature-length films and documentary films about the people, cultures and environment of the Pacific Rim.

San Juan Islands boasts of delicious food, but some of it is also pretty unique. Pelindaba has over 25 acres of lavender and over 200 lavender-based products, some of which are culinary. You can pick up a lavender herb and spice rub to use on meat, try lavender peach chutney, score some lavender lemonade mix or indulge in lavender-infused chocolates.

The taste of the goat cheeses produced on the San Juan Islands change with the seasons, so if you like your goat cheese richly flavored, fall is the best time to come and taste it.

All the reasons mentioned above clearly indicate that fall is the ideal time to visit San Juan Islands.

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